The Dangerous Side Effects Of Smoking

Why smoking is bad for you

Why smoking is bad for you? Both smokers and non-smokers are asking this question. If you’re a smoker, you might be wondering why is smoking bad for you; there is very little awareness about the consequences of smoking. The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion people around the world smoke and about 8 million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. After a while, smoking can be difficult to leave, and you might experience withdrawal symptoms as well. Gradually, the negative effects of this condition can become irreversible.

If you’re a smoker and have questions about why is smoking is bad for you or is smoking cause cancer then this article provides an insight into the dangers of smoking and why you should quit immediately

Why smoking is bad for you

Dangerous Effects of Smoking – and Why smoking is bad for you

Why is smoking bad for you? There are various diseases caused by smoking, but here is a list of the most common and dangerous problems caused by smoking.

Lung Diseases – is smoking cause cancer?

One of the most obvious reasons why smoking is bad for you is the effect on your lungs. Smoking can cause severe damages to your lung’s air sacs and airways. What makes this even more dangerous is that the damages to your lungs as a result of smoking will not even be noticeable for years to come. It’ll like not to be diagnosed until it has already advanced, making treatment challenging. There are various lung problems caused by smoking; three of the most common include emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Is smoking that bad for you? Certainly! After a while, the damage caused by smoking to your lungs becomes almost irreversible.

Why smoking is bad for you

Premature Ageing – that’s why is smoking is bad for you.

One of the most significant contributors to premature aging is smoking. If you’re a smoker, you might experience skin changes like deep wrinkles and leathery skin. Smoking creates biochemical changes in your body that speed up your aging process. For instance, smoking causes constriction of your blood vessels by depriving your skin tissue of oxygen. Due to this, blood is prevented from getting to your organs quickly, including your skin.

Another common characteristic of routine smokers is the tar staining of their skin and hands. Your muscle requires particular actions while inhaling, which can lead to wrinkles around your mouth. So, if you want to maintain your youthful looks, you must stop smoking immediately.

Erectile Dysfunction – that’s what smoking can cause

Does smoking cause erectile dysfunction? Yes, it certainly does. The chemicals present in cigarettes damage your blood vessels lining and affect their functioning. Additionally, these chemicals can damage your kidneys, brain, heart, and various other tissues in your body.

The chemicals in cigarettes can damage the blood vessels of your penis and lead to erectile dysfunction. An erection occurs when the arteries present in your penis enlarge and are filled with blood after they receive signals from the nerves in your penis. These nerves react to sexual arousal signals sent from your brain. If your blood vessels are not functioning properly due to smoking, you’ll not be able to have an erection even if your nervous system is functioning optimally. There are various reasons why is smoking bad for you, and you must seek treatment as soon as possible.    

Heart Disease always aggravated by smoking and that’s Why smoking is bad for you

Smoking can damage your blood cells, blood vessels, and even your heart. The presence of tar and chemicals in your cigarettes can cause the build-up of plaque in your blood vessels known as atherosclerosis. This can limit your blood flow and cause severe blockages.

Additionally, smoking can even lead to peripheral artery disease (PAD), which arises when the arteries of your legs and arms start to constrict, limiting your blood flow. Various research establishes a direct connection between PAD and smoking. In fact, studies show that people who used to smoke have a higher risk in comparison to people who never smoked. 

If you have PAD, you’ll also have a higher risk of the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Chest pain or angina
  • Blood clots

Fertility Issues is another medical condition and that’s why is smoking is bad for you.

Smoking can even reduce fertility among women. Research shows that in comparison to non-smokers, smokers are three times more likely to take more than one year to conceive. The research puts forward that the fertility rate of smoking women was just 72% of non-smoking women. Additionally, smokers also have higher chances of cervical cancer. Non-smokers are likely to be able to remove the HPV infection, which can develop into cancer, from their body. Further, if you smoke while you are pregnant, you might experience premature birth, miscarriage, illness, and stillbirth. It even increases the risk of cot death by 25%. This is a significant reason why is smoking is bad for you. Particularly if you’re pregnant, you must stop smoking immediately.

Circulation Problems in legs can cause gangrene and require limb’s amputation. That’s why smoking is bad for you.

The cigarette tar also contains a poison that can enter your blood and cause many circulation problems. As a result, you can experience the following:

  • Your blood will become thicker, and there will be a huge risk of clot formation
  • You might also experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure compelling your heart to work harder than normal
  • Cause a narrowing of your arteries restricting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your organs

As a result of this, you’ll have greater chances of a stroke or heart attack.

Cancer – does smoking cause cancer?

If you’re a smoker and wondering ‘does smoking cause cancer?’ the answer is yes, research shows a huge connection between smoking and cancer. It’s one of the most dangerous side-effects of smoking. In fact, 30% of all cancer-related deaths in the US are a result of smoking. Lung cancer is the primary cause of cancer-related death among both women and men, and 80% of all lung cancer deaths are a result of smoking. Lung cancer is known for being extremely difficult to treat.

Additionally, if you smoke, you have a higher chance for the following types of cancer:

  • Myeloid leukemia
  • Colon/rectum
  • Stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Bladder
  • Liver
  • Cervix
  • Kidney
  • Esophagus
  • Pharynx
  • Larynx
  • Mouth

Conclusion on why smoking is bad for you.

This is just a small list of what smoking can cause. Even being constantly near someone that smokes can cause adverse effects. If you’re a smoker, you must cease as soon as possible. Remember that after a while, smoking can be difficult to stop and quitting from smoking can cause withdrawal symptoms as well. If you’re unable to stop smoking on your own, you can seek treatment. The sooner you start, the higher the chances of reversing the negative side effects. If you prefer a holistic and safe approach, natural and alternative treatments can be a wonderful choice.

Why smoking is bad for you

Think again and ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Why is smoking bad for you?
  2. What smoking can cause?
  3. Is smoking cause cancer?
  4. Does smoking cause erectile dysfunction?
  5. Does smoking cause fertility problems?

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