Quitting smoking in Philadelphia: Is hypnotherapy the answer?

Quitting smoking in Philadelphia is the greatest thing you will ever do for your well-being, for the happiness of your family and for the ecology of the City of Brotherly Love. Quitting smoking is tremendously challenging and many folks are not sure which method is the best. Is hypnotism the answer to smoking cessation?

quitting smoking in Philadelphia

Nicotine and your well-being

Nicotine is one of the primary causes of avoidable deaths. The improvements in individuals’ well-being and fitness after quitting are noteworthy and has a significant decline in health risks. The wellbeing benefits of smoking cessation launch right after an individual’s last ciggy and carry on to the rest of life. That means there are no reasons to give up smoking, however, stopping smoking is one of the toughest actions a smoker can do. Victor Tsan, Medical Doctor is a leading hypnotherapist at the Philadelphia Quit Smoking Center in the Northeast area of the Philadelphia PA explains how clinical hypnosis could help to quit smoking in Philadelphia forever.

Victor Tsan – Hypnotherapist

Victor Tsan, medical professional, and naturopath have been clinical hypnotists for over 35 years. He describes his medical career: “All the time I have had a strong interest in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, acupuncture, and homeopathy. The natural approach is my goal because of its effectiveness and absence of side effects.

“Clinical Hypnosis is not a magic wand but it makes my clients be prepared, extremely motivated and strongminded for smoking cessation.”

“The benefit of hypnosis is that this method allows to work and talk to a patient’s subconscious while the individual is in trance state. It is effective because the unconscious mind is familiar with nature more than we understand our behavior and our emotions.”

Hypnosis for smoking cessation

“Clinical Hypnosis aims to affect simultaneously both conscious and unconscious side by side building positive modifications and stimulate superior decisions in the direction of your wellbeing.”

Hypnosis at the same time is a state fixation and a trance state. It is a naturally happening condition whereby individuals are listening to healing suggestions to better develop their lives. “Contrary to common belief, hypnotized individuals don’t generally lose mindfulness and are in fact willfully aware all the way through the hypnotic session. During the procedure hypnotized patients may experience their attentions floats off as if in a hypnagogic or illusory state,” added Dr. Tsan.

How hypnosis for quitting smoking works?

“Prior to a quit-smoking hypnosis procedure, hypnotherapist first talk over the clients existing triggers and associations with smoking.”

“After that, we deliberate replacements for smoking and search diverse approaches to set milestones of their cessation progress. These dialogs are important as an individual needs to be fully arranged for the conversion from smoker to non-smoker.”

“We then” – Dr. Tsan continues – “start an over 90 minutes of clinical hypnotherapy session during which firstly, follow the commands of the hypnotist, a hypnotized patient losing attention to thoughts and undergoing the phase of relaxation and calming of the mind.”

“After that, the individual is encouraged to appoint their imagination and inventiveness that helps hypnotherapist to interconnect with the patient’s subconscious mind.

“All individuals are very tranquil, calm, and peaceful throughout the session and in the main come out from hypnotic trance feeling as if they have been on a magnificent voyage.” They also feel more in control of their urges and behavior.”

Quitting smoking in Philadelphia

Hypnosis for quit smoking in Philadelphia available at the center led by Dr. Tsan. Contact us (267) 403-3085 to schedule your appointment for stop smoking hypnosis.

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