Quit smoking with hypnosis and quit smoking with acupuncture

Quit smoking with hypnosis and quit smoking with acupuncture are effective, natural, and safe ways to achieve smoking cessation. It is a real challenge to quit smoking. But it is among the best things that you can do to keep yourself healthy. Smoking is deadly as well as dangerous. It leads to cancer. It increases the risk for lung disease, strokes, heart attacks, and other problems of health such as cataracts and bone fractures.

If counseling, chewing gum, patches, nicotine lozenges, and other cessation techniques have not assisted you in kicking the habit, never give up. You can ask your doctor if hypnosis or acupuncture is an option for you. Some studies have revealed that hypnosis may aid some people to quit smoking.

quit smoking with hypnosis quit smoking with acupuncture


Hypnosis is stated as an altered state of consciousness in which you appear in a trance or asleep. The clinical hypnosis is used for treating some psychological or physical issues. For example, it is utilized to assist patients in controlling pain. It is also used in a diversity of diseases such as addiction problems, speech disorders, weight issues, etc.

It is a great discussion regarding how hypnosis works. Some of the individuals think that when you are hypnotized, you can easily relax and focus more, and you agree on listening to the suggestion such as giving up smoking, etc.

During hypnosis, even if you appear to be in a trance, you are not unconscious. You know all about the surroundings, you do not be made to do anything against your willpower. Actually, several tests of the brain done on the patients during the sessions of hypnotism have indicated an increased level of neurological activities.


During the sessions of quit smoking with hypnosis, a patient is asked to visualize the dangerous outcomes from smoking. For instance, a hypnotherapist may advise that the cigarette smoke is similar to the vehicle’s exhaust, or that smoking will leave the mouth of the patient feeling arid. One of the most renowned smoking cessation hypnosis techniques is Spiegel’s method that involves three principal ideas:

  • Smoking leads to body poisoning
  • You want your body to live
  • You should admire your body and care for it

The hypnotherapist educates the smoker self-hypnosis and then told him or her for repeating these statements anytime whenever there is a desire to smoke.


Quit Smoking with Hypnosis does not work the same way for every individual. One in ten individuals cannot be easily hypnotized, however for gifted and well-trained hypnotist all patients are hypnotizable. When doing well, the level of hypnosis can differ from person to person.

How well quit smoking with hypnosis works to assist people in getting rid of smoking varies on how you inquire. The results of several studies have been combined. The systematic review of published studies in 2010 revealed that there was not sufficient proof to support the usage of hypnosis for quit smoking. In 2012, another review found that the researches do support a great benefit from the use of hypnosis for quit smoking. When it comes to discussing alternative methods for getting rid of smoking, the controlled studies have not maintained the efficiency of quit smoking with hypnosis, there is an anecdotal confirmation that some of the individuals have been assisted. The American Medical Association regarded hypnosis as a non-approved therapy. The firm does not have an official place on the use of quit smoking with hypnosis. The position statement involving the use of the technique for psychological and medical purposes was rescinded through AMA in 1987.

The researchers who have studied hypnosis, came to the opinion that many studies are required for determining if quit smoking with hypnosis assists the smokers in kicking the habit for good, but adding the hypnosis remains a great approach and has multiple other advantages. Hence, a great way to quit may include multiple techniques. Patients probably need many strategies along the way.


If you need to get help for quit smoking with hypnosis, ask your health care provider to suggest a professional hypnotherapist. Don’t forget, that hypnotist works with your subconscious and you want to allow it only to the best professional. There are many hypnotists who claim they can help people, but in reality, this is not true. Most of the states have no licensing requirements for hypnotism and it leads to appearing of impostors who call themselves hypnotists having only three days of training at so-called hypnosis schools. However, hypnotism is, first of all, a gift and even talented hypnosis provider can’t perform clinical hypnosis and treat people. Hypnotist, first of all, should be a physician and only secondary hypnotherapist. The hypnotist must have a medical education, understanding anatomy, physiology, and psychology.

There are many tips when you are finding an expert hypnotherapist:

Assure that they are credentialed, trained, and licensed. The hypnosis for stopping smoking and other behavioral or medical reasons can be done by an individual who has a current license in the health care field, such as nursing, psychology, psychiatry, and medicine.

You can ask some difficult questions. Ask about their professional training. You should look for anyone else if the answer to this question is no, “Is the practitioner can assist me without utilizing hypnosis?”

Remember clinical hypnosis does not work the way the stage show works. Always be aware of too-good-to-be-true guarantees or declarations.

It is never too late to quit your smoking habits. When you do so, it has some instant benefits of health. Also, if you left your habit of smoking before you turn to age 50, you will reduce the chances of dying in the next 15 years in half, in comparison with those people who keep doing smoking.

Key in your search engine: Quit Smoking Near Me, or quit smoking with hypnosis, or hypnosis for quit smoking to find a medical professional to resolve your habit.


If you are attempting to quit smoking, a natural way to help you control your craving for nicotine is quit smoking with acupuncture. Along with hypnotherapy and Chinese herbs, acupuncture is not well-renowned as nicotine gum or patches. But they can provide relief, particularly in the acute phase of withdrawal when you are fighting with gnawing cravings, irritability, and fatigue.

Some of the individuals try acupuncture as they cannot bear the drugs utilized for the cessation of tobacco. There are no side effects of acupuncture, unlike prescription medications. Probably, it is common to note the side benefits such as improvement in mood and sleep. Others utilize acupuncture as a part of an overall strategy to get rid of.


The professional acupuncturist should target particular areas of the body for some specific conditions. When it comes to helping the smokers quit smoking with acupuncture, some Chinese acupuncture points in the ear are particularly beneficial in the suppression of cravings. NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) maintains a complete protocol surrounding the set of ear suppression points for addiction.

In between the treatments of acupuncture, people at home can utilize a form of acupressure, the ear seeds. It includes positioning tiny balls on the ear in the targeted area with the adhesive tape. This procedure permits the people in self-treating through applying pressure ton specific points on the ear to help anger the wish to smoke.

There are multiple theories behind the usage of these pressure points on the ear. The cranial nerves, presented through the ears, motivate the nervous system in suppressing the urge for cigarettes. The acupuncturist can suppress the cravings, but also involve in the relaxation responses.

Several pieces of research reveal that the quit smoking with acupuncture stimulates the brain in pumping out the feel-good hormones of the body – the endorphins. The practitioner can manipulate the body with the help of needles and pressure to assist in supporting the individual as they are going through the symptoms of withdrawal.


There are multiple patients who utilized acupuncture for the cessation of tobacco. Usually, the people account improved sleep, improved bowel movements, reduced irritability, and very fewer cravings.

Some of the literature sources also show combined results. Some clinical trials discovered that the acupuncture use for all the substance abuse is great when it is used in addition to the conventional treatment for reducing the cravings. But other researches which include a study by the Cochrane Collaboration have not yielded enough conclusive proof of that major effect.


The aim of the acupuncture is to assist in controlling any cravings you have for the nicotine. The acupuncturist tells the people to be tobacco-free for a minimum of one day before their first meeting for acupuncture. If they take that step, it informs them they have a mindset to be free of tobacco. Multiple times, the spouse of a patient has set an appointment, or the peer pressure urges them to come in and he/she is not even ready.

If the patient is not willing to throw the cigarette away in the pocket, which informs me he/she is not ready to quit mentally. When the individual is committed, the acupuncturist starts seeing him two or more time in a week in the start. Then the visit taper to one time a week as the symptoms of withdrawal starts to disappear. In the end, the meetings are stopped when he feels totally tobacco-free.


Quit Smoking with Acupuncture is most effectual as a part of a multidisciplinary approach that includes other features of integrative medicine. They may involve:

CHINESE HERBS – customized by a herbalist for every individual for reducing the urges and to assist with the withdrawal symptoms. As a precaution of safety, the clinicians regulate the kidney and liver function of the patient closely to make certain the herbs are metabolized appropriately.

HYPNOTHERAPY – try to train the subconscious mind for veering away from tobacco. The acupuncture functions for addressing the symptoms of physical withdrawal.

Although, you prefer to find out help, while through a cessation session of tobacco, the hypnotherapy, herbs, acupuncture, or a mixture of methods, it is all great as quitting smoking is the best change in health that you can make for your overall wellbeing.

Quit smoking with hypnosis and Quit smoking with acupuncture in Philadelphia

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At the center, licensed acupuncturists under supervision of the medical doctor and internationally recognized hypnotherapist Victor Tsan, provide treatment that combines acupuncture, clinical hypnosis, and homeopathic medicines. The success rate at the Philadelphia Addiction Center is as high as 90+%.

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