Price List

The price list for the services delivered by Philadelphia Quit Smoking Center is below for your convenience.

Price list

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture - PriceFirst acupuncture procedure: Initial Diagnostic using 5 elements testing, tongue diagnostic, pulls diagnostic, iris diagnostic (approximately 60-90 minutes) – $200.  Each next treatment – $90
Clinical Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnosis by Dr Tsan - PriceCost per session $200. 
Psychoanalysis – Life Coaching
Psychoanalysis - PricePrice per session $170. Recommended 4-5 sessions per course of treatment Length of session approximately 90 minutesAll sessions performed by Dr. Selcova
Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki - PriceCost per session $90. Session’s length 55-50 minutes
Homeopathic Medicines that reduce craving for smoking
Homeopathic medicine for quit smoking - PriceCost of homeopathic medicines that reduce urge to smoke depends on the type of remedy and brand. Average price is $30-$45
Quit Smoking with Anti-Tobacco - PriceQuit smoking program could be as short as 1 session and the cost is $350. In many cases however heavy smokers need more than one session and the price will be higher.The initial consultation in our office is always free and during this visit, Dr. Tsan will discuss your options and fee.