Homeopathy for Quit Smoking

Homeopathy is one of your best options for quitting smoking

Smoking is definitely a bad habit that leads to a variety of medical conditions. Statistics says that about seven million of untimely demises triggered by cigarette smoking and about 200,000 results of second-hand smoking. Dr.Victor Tsan, a homeopathy practitioner at the Philadelphia Quit Smoking Center in Philadelphia PA, says that Homeopathic Remedies for Quitting Smoking are an effective and safe way to help you fight the addiction to Tobacco and Lobelia (Indian tobacco).

How Homeopathic Medicine to Quit Smoking can help you?

Dried tobacco leaves are primarily used for the manufacturing of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and spiced shisha tobacco. Tobacco encloses the alkaloid nicotine, which belongs to a pharmaceutical category of stimulants. There are Homeopathic remedies that help diminish the craving for nicotine and stimulate the will power of the smokers.
Homeopathy for Quit Smoking offers a natural Homeopathic Ways to Quit Smoking which help to make every effort to stay off tobacco and to relief symptoms of nicotine withdraw for those folks who on their way to quit. Luckily Homeopathic Medicine to Quit Smoking used by millions of people all around the world can help to get rid from this stubborn addiction.

Homeopathy for Quit Smoking

Doctor Tsan, medical director of the Philadelphia Quit Smoking Center says, “It is difficult to find a right method that exclusively works for you and points to the core of the problem and fix the biochemical imbalances that cause your tobacco addiction. A homeopath can create a plan for Homeopathic Smoking Cessation, which absolutely fits your physical, mental, and spiritual constitution.”

Bellow, Dr. Tsan conveys his opinion about the symptoms of withdraw, roots of addictions and Homeopathic Remedies for Quitting Smoking.

The pathology of smoking addiction and tobacco craving could be described in a different way for different individuals. Some people smoke to release stress, some to concentrate before starting some important task. Many people smoke along with drinking alcohol since the combination of nicotine and alcohol causes some short emotional upsurge.

Nicotine stimulates production of stomach digestive juices and that’s why after excessive meal people take a cigarette for faster digestion of food and relief from overeating. That’s why the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological factors that provoke smoking are totally different in different smokers. Learning Homeopathic Ways to Quit Smoking tobacco naturally is important and taking it stage by stage will help you to achieve the goal in Homeopathic Smoking Cessation and it will probably be one of the best resolutions you will ever make.

During Homeopathic Stop Smoking phase the main road blocks a smoker can challenge are the emotional triggers:

  • craving
  • mood swings
  • anxiety

All these symptoms result from nicotine withdrawal. The stronger the smoker’s decision to quit is, the less these symptoms are manifesting.

Homeopathic Stop Smoking Treatment

The indications of the nicotine withdrawal most likely surge within the first few hours. These symptoms usually fade during a period of two-three weeks, however some folks may suffer from the nicotine withdrawal even for a few months.

Homeopathic Medicine to Quit Smoking should not be used without consulting with Homoeopathic physician. Homeopathic Remedies for Quitting Smoking must be taken according to the protocol that is customized for each patient individually. Most of the time these remedies come in a small dilution and supposed to be taken two or three times per day until withdrawal symptoms manifesting. Homeopathic Stop Smoking treatment offers harmless and reliable approach to fight nicotine addiction.

Remedies commonly used by homeopathic Medicine to Quit Smoking are listed for your information:

Plantago: this medicine manufactured from the herb and specific effective in cases of nicotine withdrawal. The homeopathic remedy prepared from Plantago imitates an aversion to tobacco products. When main complaints are:

  • sadness
  • insomnia
  • constipation
  • eye burning and
  • aches along the limbs with bad temper

Plantago is the remedy of choice.

Tabacum: for those folks who are experiencing nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, motion sickness, High Blood Pressure, inattentiveness, and even episodes of confusion homeopathic remedy Tabacum may help in elimination of the toxins contained in tobacco. Homeopathic Tabacum also fights smoking craving.

Ignatia: this homeopathic remedy made from St. Ignatius bean tree. Ignatia is the best remedy in Homeopathy for Quit Smoking when major symptoms of withdraw are anxiety along with craving along with moodiness and noticeable hypersensitivity. Other specific symptoms that may require Ignatia are mood swings, melancholy, migraines, dry cough, neck and back pain. Use Ignatia for Homeopathic Smoking Cessation if all these symptoms are worse in the morning hours and diminish at night.

Lobelia: The active ingredient off this Homeopathic Medicine to Quit Smokingis Indian Tobacco aka Lobeline. Scientists believe that the active component in the Indian Tobacco plant, Lobeline, has similar effects to human body as nicotine. That’s why homeopaths use Lobeline as a nicotine substitute in Homeopathic Remedies for Quitting Smoking that designed to break the smoking habit.

Homeopathic Ways to Quit Smoking in Philadelphia

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