Nicotine Addiction – Why am I Smoking?

Causes of smoking.

Causes of smoking are different for different groups of people. Some people like smell cigarettes’ smoke, others enjoy lightheadedness after taking a cigarette. Some people smoke after meals because nicotine increases the production of gastric enzymes and thus improves the digestion of the food. In other words, if you had a BIG meal and feel too full cigarettes will help you to get back to normal condition. There are many more causes of smoking, which we’ll discuss in this article.

Why people smoking – is a very common question smokers asking. What are the causes of smoking and why can’t I quit smoking – are two major questions you have to answer to be able to quit. In this article, you will find answers to these major questions. You will understand the mechanism of nicotine addiction and the solution will come to your mind.

What are the causes of smoking and why people smoking?

Nicotine Addiction is the answer to the question of Why People Smoking. Smoking cigarettes is the act to inhale and exhale the smoke of burnt substance that reaches the bloodstream through the lungs. The burnt substance is tobacco and it can either be covered in a paper and filter (cigarette) or it can be in any other form. Smoking is injurious to health and it leads to many ailments as well. Christopher Columbus discovered smoking. In 1531, the first-ever cultivation of tobacco was initiated. The cigarette making machines were introduced in the late 1800s.

nicotine addiction - that's Why people smoking - addiction and habbit are causes of smoking

Still don’t understand What are the causes of smoking cigarettes?

People smoke because they feel pleasure and relaxed in doing this or they want themselves to look cool among others. It has become a fashion nowadays. Some teen kids start it by the name of fashion and they start to smoke regularly. Some imitate their friends or relatives. The reason behind most of the smokers is that they want to release stress from their minds and they feel comfortable after smoking. In doing so daily, they get addicted to smoking because of the nicotine which serves as a drug and they do not easily quit smoking.

Most of the teenagers start smoking in their group of friends by just experiencing how it feels to just puff a cigarette and in doing so, most of them make it a habit to puff daily. This puffing then leads to inhaling slowly and gradually which turns into proper smoking. It becomes a habit afterward and such an addictive habit is very difficult to control and leave. And that’s why people smoking.

Nicotine: Its functions and addiction – that’s why people smoking cigarettes

Nicotine is a sedative and stimulant chemical compound with the formula C10H14N2and it is highly toxic. It is found in all types of tobacco. When an individual smokes or uses tobacco in any other form, nicotine stimulates the brain cells and tissues thereby increasing his attention and focus.

Nicotine withdrawal or quitting smoking make a smoker feel uncomfortable and stressed because the amount of nicotine which is regularly being supplied to your body has been stopped. The symptoms of withdrawal include irritation continuously, stress, exasperation, tremors, feelings of depression, uneasiness, difficulty in focusing and it is the nicotine that makes a person addicted to smoking. The more you smoke, the more you get addicted and the more supply of nicotine your body demands.

When a person takes a puff of a cigarette, the nicotine is inhaled into the body and it is absorbed by the pair of lungs into the blood which then goes to the heart and brain hence stimulating the cells and tissues to respond more quickly than before. Hence nicotine increases the reaction time of the smoking individual. That is the reason that leads to answers from the smokers that they enjoy the process of inhaling a cigarette and for a regular doer, it removes the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine which makes a smoker feel relieved. There are different stages of nicotine addiction. Some people have a low-level nicotine addiction; some have severe kinds of addiction which leads to a strong urge to smoke more and more cigarettes.

Effects of nicotine

The effects of nicotine include a faster heart rate as well as the rate of oxygen consumption. It also leads to increased alertness due to the faster rate of brain tissue stimulation. It increases the concentration of the smoker and allowing him to have a faster memory.

#1 on the list of causes of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes and smoking cigars however is not only a result of nicotine addiction – On the contrary, but it’s also more about the habit of having something (a cigarette, cigar, or pipe) sandwiched between lips. Just for a second, imagine the smoking process. A smoker grips a ciggy between upper and lower lips making at the same time sucking actions. It looks exactly the same as if a baby breastfeed by a woman.

Look at the picture below:

Instinct of sucking - #1 on a list of causes of smoking

Because this action was the first in every human’s life it created the strongest habit. Even more, the sucking action isn’t just a habit, it is the instinct settled by Mother Nature, and there are no pharmaceutical drugs, patches, or gums that may substitute it. The instinct anatomically located deep in the subconscious mind, and it can be altered only by modifying the subconscious region of the brain.

Forms of smoking, what are the causes of smoking, and what is Nicotine Addiction

 Why people smoking Cigarettes

There are different forms of smoking. A cigarette is the most common form of smoking and they are available in different flavors, sizes, and colors. They are exported and imported in bulk quantities. Companies make a lot of moneymaking such stuff. Their production involves the different quality of tobacco for different brands. They keep a specific amount of tar and nicotine for specified brands. Some brands contain a high amount of nicotine while some are just light, but all of them lead to nicotine addiction.

Some cigarettes contain flavors like mint, strawberry, chocolate, etc. Some of the most widely used cigarettes are Marlboro, Dunhill, and Gold Leaf, etc. Cigarettes are least banned worldwide while other stuff is banned in most countries. Cigarettes are harmful to the human body and its parts including the mouth, lungs, esophagus, heart as well as brain and nervous system.

Why are people smoking cigars?

Cigars are the other form of smoking. It is more harmful than smoking cigarettes because they do not have a filter that blocks most of the harmful chemicals and poisonous gases. One large cigar is said to contain 40 times more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes. The cigar has a large quantity of tobacco than a cigarette. The people who die from smoking are far less than people who die from smoking cigar.

Why people smoking cigars

Why people smoking Hookah or shisha

Hookah or shisha is another form of smoking and thus nicotine addiction. It consists of a metallic body followed by a pipe from which a person can inhale the smoke. The tobacco is kept at the top plate where it burns and smoke evolves which is then inhaled by the individual holding the pipe. Hookahs have different types like Mouassal which uses molasses of tobacco and another is “Jrak” which uses rotten fruits to add sweet taste in inhaling. All these kinds of shishas use fermented materials.

Why people smoking Hookah

Some people use flavors, chocolate, mint, strawberry, etc on the top pot placed on shisha. That pot has an aluminum foil on it in which the flavor is placed and holes are made in the foil and burnt coal is kept on then so that flavor is heated up and when are person inhales from the pipe the flavor comes along which increases the flavor and taste of the smoke. Shishas cause lip mouth and throat cancers a lot. Smoking shisha for an hour or two is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. And smoking shisha in a closed room or surrounding causes suffocation and headache and a person may become unconscious if he keeps sitting for a long time.

Why people Chewed tobacco

Another form is to chew tobacco in the mouth. This is known as smoking without smoke or snuff. It is commonly known as “Naswar” in many countries. It is moist powdered tobacco mostly used by people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Russia, etc. It is placed beneath the lips, cheeks and below the tongue for quite a long time. It is made by using water in a cement tub and then mixing it with sun-dried tobacco. It is included in the narcotics in many countries as well.

Some of these chewing tobacco are made by mixing flavors of different kinds. This form of smoking releases the most amount of nicotine in the body than any of the other forms of smoking so it can be termed as the most addictive form of smoking. Chewing tobacco leads to severe nicotine addiction.

Why people smoking Electronics cigarette/Vape

Nowadays electronic cigarettes are also available to use continuously. A liquid is filled in the cavity and the electronic cigarette is charged and when a person puffs it, the liquid heats up and the smoke goes through his lungs into the blood. They are safer than tobacco cigarettes but their health problems are uncertain. The main question “does vaping cause cancer” still unanswered. Extra charging of the device or keeping it at a maximum voltage rating can result in an explosion due to the heating up of the device. There have been many cases of the explosion of such e-cigarettes.

Passive smoking explains what are the causes of smoking.

Passive smoking is a term widely used in literature. A passive smoker is the one who inhales the smoke exhaled by smokers or who sits in the environment of smoke rather than smoking himself. Passive smoking is also dangerous regarding health. In Passive, a person inhales the burning cigarette smoke as well as the exhaled smoke. So it becomes equivalent to smoking.

How to fight Nicotine addiction?

Nicotine can be removed from the human body because, after two hours of intake of nicotine, the amount of nicotine reduces to half of its quantity. Due to this immediate effect, people feel the urge to smoke more again after some time. But a smoker can fight this urge of nicotine and quit smoking by following some proper precautions and procedures. It depends on the periods for how long have the smoker been smoking cigarettes. The longer the period, the longer the nicotine takes to leave the blood. The people who smoke fewer cigarettes per day can fight nicotine withdrawal easily in comparison to chain smokers. By drinking plenty of water regularly, exercising daily for a specified amount of time can lead to effective blood circulation, and taking a healthier diet that is rich in antioxidants can be very helpful in lowering the nicotine level in the blood. Counseling can also be a very good option in which the smoker is continually mentally examined and his psyche is read and accordingly, precautions are suggested.

For smokers who are more addicted to strong cigarettes or chewing tobacco need to smoke light cigarettes and to decrease this use daily because sudden quitting can be dangerous. But most important of all the precautions is the self- intention of leaving this habit because it serves as the main step. Slowly and gradual precautions as mentioned above can be helpful to quit smoking.

Treatment for Nicotine addiction in Philadelphia

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